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The Craftsman Press Archive is a labour of love without significant funding or institutional backing. Research is a personal undertaking by me, Sonia Farmer, in my spare time, and information is hard to come by. Therefore, I rely on contributions by the public kindly willing to share their resources to make this ever-evolving archive better.

Do you have a personal connection to these spaces? Do you notice something incorrect on these pages that you think should be remedied? Do you have any information, resources, ephemera (photographs, postcards, correspondence, or related items), stories or anecdotes about these spaces that you are willing to share to make this archive better? Please reach out to me at to initiate a conversation. I can meet with you and help you to digitally preserve your ephemera and oral histories.

Though this archive is organically driven by its contributors, this platform is a curated space. Contributions are not guaranteed to be featured, nor will they garner compensation beyond the knowledge that they are keeping these integral hubs of Bahamian history alive. Contributors retain the rights to their contributions and will be properly credited.